Trading Names & Business Names

Trading Names & Business Names

Do you have a trading name? Have you registered your trading name with the ASIC?

Starting November 2018, all trading names will be removed from the ABN lookup on the Australian Business Registrar website. From November 2018 onwards, if you wish to trade under a specific name you will need to register it as a business name with ASIC.  This does not include sole traders trading under their own name (example, James Jones) but a business name will be required if it is anything else (example, James Jones Accounting).

You can apply for a business name through the ASIC website and link it with your ABN.  Use the “Check Business Name Availability” tool to ensure your business name has not already been taken.  If the business name you want is not available, you will need to alter your choice to ensure it differs from those already registered.

Business names can be registered for 1 year ($36) or for 3 years ($84).  If you still want to trade you will need to ensure your Business name is renewed when it is due to expire.  Business names are how your business is displayed to the public so ensuring you are trading under a valid and registered Business name is vital.

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Contributed by Jarrad Andrews.

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