Temporary Office Closure @ Charman Partners

Temporary Office Closure @ Charman Partners

As of Tuesday 24th March 2020, we have decided to take a short break from our Blackburn offices so our staff can be safely out of harm’s way with their families.  It has been a difficult decision but one that the directors feel is the best for our wonderful staff and the general population.  We are not sure when we will return but hoping this is for the short term.

However, we are most certainly not closed!  Our accounting team will be working from home, completing your financials and tax returns, assisting you with all your enquiries in relation to various stimulus packages etc.

Our phone line is still good to go so call us on 03 9878 8200 anytime.  Our fax machine still works on 03 9878 8400 and email still at mail@charmanpartners.com.au

We appreciate the understanding we have received from our wonderful clients and supporters.  We wish you all good health and hope we can pull through this together.

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