Address: Suite 4, 10-12 Chapel Street Blackburn VIC

David Gow

About Me

Born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I joined Charman Partners after my second year of uni at the ripe age of 19.  I became a Director in 2012 having built a great group of clients who I thoroughly enjoy working with.  Proud father of three ripper kids and not so proud of my golf handicap, I’m not often bored.

What I Do At Work:

I love working with the hospitality industry and our clients within it, particularly working as an associate member of the Australian Hotels Association (Vic).  Getting new businesses off the ground is also a passion for me, I love seeing people taking a risk to build their own future.  The staff here at Charman Partners are absolutely wonderful and something we are all very proud of.

What I Do For Fun: 

Aside from playing with the family (which is pretty hectic itself), I play baseball, surf a little, and love music.  My first band was called Green Monkey Dishwasher and every now and then we still jam a little.  I have a massive addiction to chocolate and greatly enjoy catching up with friends and family.  My weekends are spent at the Mooroolbark or Blackburn Football Clubs,  going for family adventures, riding bikes, kicking the footy, shooting hoops, mowing the lawn, and everything in between.