Social Media – Boom or Bust

Social Media – Boom or Bust

We see the growth in social media use every day and it is hard to escape the encroachment into our personal lives.

Whether you are a fan or a foe there is no denying the influence social media has on our businesses as well. Many businesses have borne the brunt of negative sentiment (correctly or incorrectly) that has come from social media.  However this is not the only negative for business.  The use of social media by business employees can have a detrimental effect upon productivity.  Accordingly it is imperative that businesses develop robust social media policies that can be adequately managed and that are adhered to by all employees.  These policies may be different for each business but their principle needs to be the same.  That is, the business and the attendance to the role of the employee within that business, must come first.

Clearly any such policy must have buy in from employees otherwise it will fail so it is important to involve employees in the development of the policy where appropriate.  Whilst a blanket ban on mobile devices and the use of social media may appear appropriate, in the current time, it will more than likely not engender your business as an employer of choice.  Find an appropriate balance, have everyone sign up to it and make everyone accountable.













Contributed by Mark Barson.

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