Scam Email Alert

Scam Email Alert

Scam Email Alert

With more and more breaches of security over the internet it is worth mentioning that everyone needs to be vigilant when opening emails from even the most seemingly trustworthy sites.

The ASIC has recently issued a warning of an email circulating advising that business name renewals and company annual review fees can be paid by clicking on a link provided within the email.   This is definitely a scam.  The ASIC would not ask you to make a payment over the phone, make a payment to receive a refund or ask for your credit card or bank account details over the phone.

The email address from which the scam email is sent is also an indication that it is fraudulent as there is not an email address ending with “”.

The ASIC advises that if you doubt the authenticity of an email you have received supposedly from the ASIC you can forward the entire email to

Importantly, you can also phone our office and we can check renewal and payment dates issued by both the ASIC and the Australian Tax Office.
















Contributed by Gayle Hutchings.

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