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Cyber Security Warnings

Cyber Security Warnings

Cyber security warnings are all around us at the moment and they are certainly something that we should all take heed of.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre reported that throughout the 2021 -2022 year there was one cybercrime reported every 7 minutes.

There are four simple steps that we should all follow to reduce the chances of being successfully targeted by Cyber criminals.

  1. Regularly update your devices and software for the latest fixes and software versions. Implement automatic updates where possible and appropriate.
  2. Implement multi-factor authentication to protect valuable information and access to financial applications.
  3. Back up files regularly.
  4. Change passwords to passphrases which tend to be more unique and less predictable to cyber criminals. Consider the use of a password manager to generate and/or store passphrases.

The Australian Signals Directorate has further resources available for business in this area at

Contributed by Wendy Duan.

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