Claiming Work-Related Expenses

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The ATO have introduced a new schedule for personal income tax returns for the 2019 income year.  This new schedule is in response to the ATO’s view that many taxpayers are overstating their allowable deductions and that the cost to Treasury is measured in billions of dollars.  The new schedule requires details on an item [...]

Single Touch Payroll – What Start Date Applies To Your Business?

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Unless a deferral was in place, the requirement for employers with 20 or more employees to report through Single Touch Payroll (STP) began on the 1st July 2018.  STP will apply to all employers, with a gradual start date depending on which category an employer falls under: Employers with 5–19 employees (small employers) These employers [...]

Superannuation Contributions for 2018/2019

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Superannuation Contributions for 2018/2019 The contributions that a member can make into a superannuation fund will depend on whether those contributions are classified as “concessional” or ”non-concessional contributions”. Concessional contributions refer to contributions made with before tax dollars while non-concessional contributions refer to contributions made with after tax dollars. For example. Employer contributions including salary- [...]

How does the ATO use it’s data-matching system?

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How does the ATO use it's data-matching system? The ATO uses its data matching services to ensure individuals and businesses are correctly reporting all of their income. The ATO collects data from a wide range of sources including banks, financial institutions and government agencies. The system has been put into place by the ATO to [...]