Address: Suite 4, 10-12 Chapel Street Blackburn VIC

Melinda Salmon

I am the newest member of the admin team working two days on reception and 2 days providing administration support. Before joining Charman Partners I worked as a PA in a large commercial law firm for more years than I’d care to admit to. I’m very excited to make a new start in a smaller, friendly and family focused firm where I can really get to know our wonderful clients.

My family know me as a bit of a social butterfly.  Outside of work I never rest and enjoy spending time with all of my family and friends.  I am the mother of two beautiful grown up daughters who have ‘flown the coup’ and am also lucky enough to have a cheeky, funny Grandson.  I love adventure, travel, parties (which often involve dancing and bad singing) and good food.  If I did have spare time I would spend it sipping champagne and reading my book wherever I could find the sun.