Address: Suite 4, 10-12 Chapel Street Blackburn VIC

Kyra Gonsal

About Me

A Melburnian at heart, I’ve always lived, studied and worked right here in Melbourne.  I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 17 years’ experience in Tax & Business Services, and have been part of the team here at Charman Partners for 13 of those years.  I live locally, which is a big plus when handling the morning school run!

What Do I Do at Charman Partners?

I am part of Mark Barson’s team and handle a variety of business services functions in addition to Taxation.  A bit of a trouble shooter, I love a good problem to unravel.

Fun Facts:

As a mother I’m a little time poor, hence you’ll often find me in jogging gear at lunch-time as a nod to health and fitness.  This of course leads to commentary from co-workers about the heat, how far I actually ran, or why I felt the need to eat a chocolate bar for morning tea.

Food is definitely a hobby of mine and on weekends in true Melbourne style I’m often out for coffee, brunch or any other excuse to check out a new café in and around Melbourne.  And taking our Golden Retriever puppy along just adds to the experience as he attracts adoring fans wherever he goes.