Address: Suite 4, 10-12 Chapel Street Blackburn VIC

Gayle Hutchings

What Do I Do At Charman Partners?

I am the Office Manager at Charman Partners and obviously love my job because I have been working for accountants for far longer than I care to admit.  One of the advantages of such a stable working life is that it has enabled me to form close working relationships with long standing clients as well as assist our new clients.  I have pretty much seen it all and I’m always happy to assist.

I assist the Directors with the day to day running of the practice but also look after corporate matters as well as liaising with the ATO and helping out clients – lots of variety.

A Bit About Me

  • I like reading and going to the movies but above all love spending time with my three grandchildren and taking them to interesting places.
  • Travelling is an obsession and so far I have visited more than a dozen countries. I am working my way through my bucket list and looking forward to my next trip.